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I am often asked what the best workout is.

Whether it's for weight loss or toning or performance or "getting abs", to me it's starts the same way.

We all have different goals. We all have different ambitions in life. Since we all have different versions of the end game our methods are all going to be different.

That is what makes us human and unique.

Despite all the different factors that make us different there is ONE THING in particular which we all must do to help us accomplish our health and wellness goals.

We must exercise everyday and during exercise we MUST get tired.

Yes, it's that simple. What does this even mean?

Go back and read the post "Purpose". Remember the three questions?

The virosity of your answers, how powerful your answers were, or how disgusted you were in yourself when you answered the questions will gage how tired you need get and how often you need to do this.

The specifics matter yes but, in the beginning, all that really matters that is that you get as tired as you need to get, and you do this as much as you need to do it based on what YOU want from YOU.

Moving your body in a way that makes you tired is exercise. All positive things happen in your body when you increase the rate that you breath and the rate of your heart beats.

Some of these results include, but aren't limited to: building of muscle, shedding of body fat, fixing of injuries, flushing of toxins, and building of immunity.

When you have a day where you doing get tired from physical movement the reverse happens: muscle atrophies, fat is stored, injuries and chronic pains heal slowly, toxins build and your immune system doesn't function well thus you get sick more often and with more vigor.

The key to health is exercise. The key to exercise is getting tired.

Go out and get tired and reap the rewards of, what we call, THE FIT LIFE.

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