My story. Part 6B: Florida, the rebuild

In February of 2011 I got into the only the second car crash of my entire life; not bad for being 37 and driving a lot since age 16.

I think now that was the low spot of my life. I was at rock bottom on that day.

After the divorce, being crazy broke, the death of my dad, my broken heart, being single and now losing the car (which was barely a year old at the time) I had very little left to lose.

From that moment it was time to design a better life.

It was time to get to work.

I started dating Teresa soon after my car accident. In April I proposed to her and we started planning a wedding. By November we were married and planning on growing a life together.

Teresa was a very similar place in her life. She had left a long term relationship and she come out with very little in the way of possessions.

Building a life from scratch has its advantages for sure. It was almost empowering to accumulate life's essentials with the love of your life.

Like all challenges in my life I embraced the process.

After we got married Teresa and I decided that she would leave her job and work with me to grow my boot camp business.

Life was moving in the right direction.

I kicked the energy drink habit and we were happy to be building a life together.

This was us for the next 4 years.

We did the boot camp. We grew our business. We grew our marriage. We raised kids. We were doing life together.

The times weren't always great. The money was hard to come by sometimes. Moving to a new place every year was a challenge. There were always ex-spouses, each other's kids, and other challenges but it was life and it was a life getting better.

In 2014 we came to a crossroads.

Both of our businesses were struggling to grow for a variety of reasons. Most of it was me and my lack of personal growth during that time period.

Don't get me wrong. I loved teaching classes and I loved sharing supplements with people. I was very good at both but what we were doing without boot camp business was just plain unsustainable.

Bootstrapping a training business is the gymnasium of a church was getting more and more challenging. We could only do so much without much equipment and without a whole lot of capitol.

We starting looking at options. The transformation to No Limits Fitness was a two step process. Looking back I kinda wish we had skipped the first step but there can't be regrets in life; you live and you learn.

The decision we made was to blend our small program with a similar program that had a small building just a mile or so from where we were.

The idea that I had was to help that combined program grow and slowly get out of being a gym owner. The hopes was that I could teach some classes and use our income from selling supplements to live off of.

That wasn't going to happen.

The truth is that being in the new facility with some equipment and variety re-ignited my passion for designing workouts and for improving my own fitness.

In the summer of 2014 I decided that I would put my personal athletic focus on qualifying for the CrossFit Games.

It also became pretty clear that the people that owned the gym that were were now part of didn't share our vision, our passion and pretty anything for that matter.

It became clear that they didn't want Teresa and I as part of their gym.

Teresa and I knew what was going to inevitably happen so we had a decision to make. Would we just let it happen or would we do something preemptive?

I'm not one to sit on my hands and let the world happen to me. We decided to take action.

In part 7, the next and finally chapter in my life story, I will share with you what I have been doing the last 7 years and what the vision for the future is.

Along the way there are and will be challenges. This is what defines me and what defines us. What good would the road be if there wasn't some uncertainty. On I fight to change the world.

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