My story. Part 1- Connecticut

I always tell people to be careful who they take advice from. I'll tell YOU the same thing. There are so many out there that spout their version of the gospel from the rooftops.

Some of these people have no experience or real wisdom and are just trying to make a buck or, more diabolical, trying to spread an agenda.

You need to be careful who you follow and this includes why you follow me.

This story will be many parts and it is here for a reason. I need YOU to be 100% positive that I am THE person to follow when it comes you your health and wellness.

I take this mantle of leadership in the wellness industry very seriously. This isn't a project to me. This isn't a phase. This is my mission. THIS IS MY LIFE.

Don't follow me blind. Read my story and judge for yourself. I am truly in this for the long haul.

I was born in 1973 (I am 44 in early 2018 when I am originally writing this) in Barnstable, Massachusetts.

My parents divorced when I was 3 and I went to live with my mom in Connecticut where I would live till I was 14.

My childhood wasn't unlike most kids who grew up in the 1970's and 80's to a single mom. I was a latch key child of sorts with a hard working single parent.

I loved to be outside, to explore, build forts and throw a football with friends.

When I was 9 I found baseball and played for 5 years. I was never very good but I worked hard and loved the game.

I discovered during this time that I was very competitive.

I remember distinctly my first season in little league. We lost virtually every game. One day, after a close loss, I walked away from the ball fields sobbing uncontrollably.

Losing never suited me.

During those years in Connecticut I also found wrestling. I did well but I wasn't part of a great program. I think I only lost two times in three years. I don't think it was because I was the next Kurt Angle. I'm pretty sure that we just didn't have much good competition.

While I enjoyed wrestling and baseball I also became to realize that I loved to exercise.

This would become much more prevalent later in life.

During my years in Connecticut I had that moment in time that, even now as an adult, helped to define who I am today.

I was in third grade. Back then the President's Physical Fitness test was a big thing and I was really good at it. One of the tests was a max set of pull-ups.

The day I did my pull-up test I did 16 straight and set the 3rd grade school record at the time.

As a lonely child who was pretty socially awkward this was a big deal and it has helped to shape me even to this day.

I became all about being the best that I could possibly be as an athlete. More specifically as a functional athlete.

More on that later.

At the end of my 8th grade year I made a big change.

5 years previous my mom had gotten remarried and had 2 kids. I just didn't feel like my place was there anymore.

I made a pretty big decision for a 14 year old boy and I packed my things and moved 3 hours away to be with my dad.

I never wrestled or played baseball again but the die had been cast on my life.

Looking back it was clear that athletics and later coaching were in my future.

The summer of 1987 started with a 5k road race that my Aunt Martine invited me to and THAT was the catalyst for what would become my biggest athletic accomplishment.

In Part 2 I will share my experiences as a high level runner. As the years went on my path to being a leader in the fitness industry was getting more and more clear as you will see.

Stay tuned for "Part 2: The Best".

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