Life will sting you

Teresa and I took a little trip to the mountains last week.

After the long drive to Blue Ridge, Georgia we brought our dumbbells (yes, be brought dumbells on our vacation because THAT is how we roll!) to the back porch for a little workout.

I did a quick warm up, started my stop watch, and began my workout.

In my rush to get going I missed the hornet's nest under one of the spindles on the porch. My dog got stung first (pore thing didn't know what to make of the whole situation!) and then I got stung.

I paused my stopwatch and sat down to contemplate my bad luck.

You know what I did next?

I wiped the blood off my leg, started my stopwatch again and finished my workout.

After my workout it was time to take the dog for a hike.

Where we stay in Blue Ridge is super close to an amazing 300 mile long footpath called the Benton Mackaye Trail. The dog and I both love the trail and spend an hour or two just enjoying the forest.

On the way out the door I bashed my head on an overhang and busted myself wipe open.

Well this vacation isn't starting off very well.

You know what I did?

Yeah, you guessed it.

I wiped away the blood and carried on with my hike in the woods.

Why do I share this message today?

Life will sting you. Life will make you bloody. This is true for each and every one of us.

That's not important.

What's important (and by important I mean ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL!) is that you wipe away the blood and carry on.

This is the secret to a great life. Trust me.

Hope that helps.

Have an amazing day.

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