The word "breakfast" isn't that hard to break down. This is the meal where you "break" your "fast". You haven't eaten in a long time, right? We sleep 6-8 hours then we get up and we break that fast.

What does your body need after 10-12 hours without any food at all?

Calories. It needs calories. Lots of calories.

The problem is that we have been programed by society, and by our lives in general, to rush, rush, rush in the morning so we either eat a small breakfast or none at all.

If you are truly are too busy for breakfast make sure to check out the breakfast options from The Fit Life Meals.

Some people even SKIP breakfast in hopes of losing weight which is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. Not eating slows your metabolism and this is how you gain body fat. Not what you want!

What kind of calories does your body need to jump start both energy and metabolism? (Kinda the same thing but look at them as two separate entities for the purposes of this article. Energy is the outward way that you "feels" and metabolism is the interior mechanisms of the way your body is working. In general a fast metabolism means good things (body fat reduction, healing etc) are happening and a slow metabolism means BAD things are happening or, if you will, good things are NOT happening.)

Which of the macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fats) are most bio available for the body to use quick?

That one is easy: Carbohydrates.

So does this mean that breakfast should be just carbohydrate, you know, donuts and shit? No, but this IS the best time of day for simple carbs if you are going to have them.

Breakfast, like all meals and snacks, needs to be a good blend of the macronutrients. A good protein source is a must and so is a good carbohydrate.

So what is a good breakfast?

Let me share my two favorites and then I'll share some other ideas for getting good calories in your body early in the day to jumpstart your success and happiness.

Goto breakfast #1: Pancakes with peanut butter, eggs and berries. I don't know how many calories this is because frankly I don't care. Go with a higher quality pancake if you can but the cheap ones will be fine for breakfast. Remember your body is CRAVING calories. Feed it! We love Kodiak Cakes pancakes! Very tasty! The peanut butter is all natural with no sugar added, the eggs are over medium and the berries are whatever Teresa happens to get at the store this week. This is a grade A breakfast. Lots of calories and lots of nutrition.

Goto breakfast #2: Oatmeal. This is plain oatmeal with an egg and an IDLife protein powder for flavor and extra nutrition. OMGosh it is so delicious! I will also add fruit and or berries to this as well. Again, lots of calories, lots of good nutrition.

Both of these meals take maybe 10 minutes to prepare and 10-20 minutes to eat and clean up. In 30 minutes you can set up your day for success from the inside out.

Don't have time in the morning?

You're a liar, you do. Either get some breakfast from The Fit Life Meals or get up 30 minutes earlier or go to bed 30 minutes earlier. TV at night isn't that important!

Last thing. What if what your life dictates really and truly won't allow you to make a good, quality breakfast first thing in the morning?

I teach or train early every day during the week. Being out the door by 5:30am is tough so I have a "first breakfast" each day before my regular breakfast.

What is my first breakfast? It's a simple, on the go, food that I can get down quick or even on the drive into the gym. It's usually a bar, a piece of fruit or an IDLife Shake.

It's not ideal for a "breakfast" but it get my bodies metabolism going and it pushes off the hunger.

So, what is your favorite breakfast?

Let me know what you like, maybe I'll try it or give you some feedback.

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