Would you like to lose 5-10 pounds of body fat in the next weeks? If so the 2 Week Challenge could be for you... 


Long term weight loss can be challenging. You don't need me to tell you that. Because we know it's hard we have put together a program to help and empower you to shed body fat.


Do you want to lose 5-10 pounds of fat in 2 weeks? This program can help you do just that. 

Here is what you get:

  • IDLife Slim+ This drink is a delicious formula designed to help you manage weight, control your hunger and curb those unwanted sugar cravings while providing focus and energy to power through your day. Product is NON GMO and soy and gluten free.

  • IDLife Lean This high quality product designed to help boost your metabolism and increase thermogenesis.  Lean also provides the nutrient support you need to fuel through an intense workout and support your weight management goals.

  • 2 Week Workout Program designed  by Rick Copley. This can be done in just 10-20 minutes per day. 

  • Daily Eating Guide by Teresa and Rick Copley. Yours to keep after the challenge is over!

  • Video series. These 7 videos (plus a bonus!) will guide you on your journey. 

  • Accountability from Rick for the whole 14 days. I will be right there with you the whole way! 


Program is only $99.


Once you submit payment Rick will contact you to get your products and access the the PDF's and videos!  

QUESTIONS: Text or call Rick Copley 352-989-6795