To exercise is to understand your body and if you don’t for now, you’re probably out there eating as much as you want. Rather than understanding your body, you pour so much foods into it and in return you become fat. That is the result of not being able to take control over things, especially on what you eat. What you need to understand is how your body works and how it is a machine that doesn’t require more nor less.

Why’s it so hard to lose weight?

In today’s society, we are all trying so hard to lose weight because it has been a slap on our face that we are fat and that’s the truth. We are a generation of unhealthy individuals doing the things we wanna do and eating the foods we want to eat regardless of how many harmful ingredients it contains. We still do it anyway because we enjoy it. We take delight on what we enjoy more than we take delight on what could do good for us and at the end we realize that it is rather important to be able to take care of ourselves than to enjoy now and pay later.


However, when it comes to losing weight, what we found to be the most effective is a well-balanced diet. But you also need to exercise to lose those extra fats that are concealing the muscles in your body. In this articles, we tackle not about diet, however. We tackle about the beauty of exercise and its huge effect on burning those extra fats you have and turning them into muscles. It is a good thing that you have come across this article so it means that you are on your journey to changing from being fat to being healthy.


Here are our top exercises that you could do:


  1. Deadlift. Deadlift is one of the best workout exercises out there that target multiple muscles in your body. Aside from that, deadlift also makes you sweat a lot and almost works every muscle in your body, from bigger ones to smaller ones. It is regarded as the best exercise for beginners as they needed to work all of their muscles in one exercise to be able to build strength. It has an effect on losing your body fat as when you sweat you burn those fats, and on the plus side, you get much stronger.
  2. Bench Press. One of the best exercises that most of the bodybuilders do to build their chest, this exercise is best for losing fat as well. It works three muscles in your body, respectively, chest, triceps, and shoulders. It is important that you build a massive upper body so that the next time you lift you all have that energy to do so. The stronger you become, the more fats you’ll burn.
  3. Burpees. Burpees is better than running as it has different movements that are targeting your hips and other parts of your lower body. It also increases endurance and makes you feel really active. YOu can use burpees as a warm up exercise when you really wanted to be able to stay active from the start until the end of your workout.

best exercising techniques of 2018

So far, these are the best exercises out there that you can try when you wanted to lose weight. Include these in your regime and you will find out how strong you are and how the changes in you body have gone!