Men can be tough and men can be a little scared sometimes as well. That is natural. They can also skip a workout and reasons can vary. Men are not always that confident. They are also weak. They can be soft and fragile. And some of these reasons can have a connection with these. Skipping workout perhaps is okay but if you continuously do it, then how will you be able to achieve the goal that you want? In fitness, there should be no excuses and you should do your best in the gym in order to feel the pain. However, we should likewise embrace the idea of that in some situations we just cannot do it. But lame excuses aren’t acceptable. 

It’s hard not to skip a workout

In the world of fitness, the main goal is is reached through discipline, dedication and knowledge coupled with motivation. Both men and women who have not seen results in a month or two simply leave and quit, merely because they do not have the realistic goal. Some still continues no matter how slow the progress is. They still keep on learning many different things and incorporate it to their workout. They accept the truth that fitness is not an easy road and they must struggle to reach the end of it. But actually the fact is that there is no end in fitness, it is a lifetime process.

Workouts can be fun

Here, we are going to be discussing with you the reasons why men skip workout and what they should do about it. If you are some of those men who just don’t seem to stick to your schedule, you should truly change that and be ready for more challenge.


  1. Light weight hurts your ego. The most common problem with men who are beginners in lifting is that they feel like other people would judge them if they are lifting light weights in the gym. It would always hurt their ego that they are lifting the same weight as that of women. And that is a stigma that should completely be taken away from the minds of young men who wanted to venture into fitness. It is crucial that you should be able to know that you will truly have to start small in order to go big and that is a process that would require time. Start small first so you can develop the correct from executing it so the next time you add weight you can do it properly.
  2. Lack of confidence. You go to the gym and you see these other men lifting heavy weights and are much bigger than you are and you tell yourself that you can’t do it. That is already failure by default. If you change your mindset into your goal and not think of anything and about the achievement of other people, you will surely realize that it is important that you should go inside and do your thing at your utmost capability. You can look at other men who are much bigger than you and you can use that as an inspiration that someday you’ll be like that. Don’t be afraid and just be confident.
  3. Excuses. Excuses are acceptable but if you are always skipping the gym those excuses might just be as lame as you are. In order for you to avoid lame excuses, you need to look at yourself when you really put your whole energy into your goal and how you would be as much more confident facing other people when you finally achieve it. Set a realistic goal and at the same time commit to the process of achieving it so that you will get it in no time.