Gaining weight might be hard to others, especially if they are genetically small or thin, but there is still faith. To gain weight, you need to be able to understand the things that are important in bodybuilding, from workout, intensity, volume, exercise and many more. One thing that biggeners don’t realize is that they are neglecting diet for more workout or they are neglecting workout for diet.


There are different -things that a beginner needs to know in order for him to bulk up and have some lean amount of muscles. The more he understands more about body-building, the more successful he will be in achieving his goal. If you think you are doing the right thing but you don’t see any results, chances are you are not doing good enough.

It is a good thing that you come to this place. We are here to make you aware of the ideas in order for you to bulk up and maintain it.


Let’s have this question first: “why aren’t you gaining weight?” You might not be gaining weight for just one reason–you are not eating enough. You might think that you are eating enough but you are not. You would not be that skinny if you are eating a lot. In order for you to bulk, you have to eat more and more but what you have to eat are just clean foods so that you would not gain fats, but instead muscles.


One more thing that isn’t working is that you are not pushing much harder on the gym.