What fitness really is can be quite of an easy question, but the truth is it is as complicated as the cells inside our bodies or the functions they deliver. When we think about fitness from a perspective of a bodybuilder, what he’ll tell you is that it is the process of getting a lean and muscular physique, but when we ask what fitness is from the perspective of a doctor, he’ll tell us that it is doing the things that could contribute to a healthy mind and body. None of these are wrong, perhaps both are true and there are other definitions of fitness that can be applied so that we can understand more what it really means and why you should be able to commit into it.

Fitness involves a healthy diet!

Fitness in the first place isn’t only about going to the gym and doing it in a day to day basis. Likewise, it doesn’t mean that when you are thin, you are fit. Being fit has something to do with feeling good and being able to do activities without feeling any adverse discomfort. To make it much more understandable, being fit means that you don’t have to be a marathoner or a bodybuilder, you just have to feel healthy and being in good shape that would be sufficient enough for you to do the tasks or activities in a daily basis and still feeling great the next day. It is about the body that is in shape and how it can do the job that is required every single day.

Fitness benefits for healthy life

Being fit doesn’t only take the gym

You might think that you really don’t need to go to the gym to be fit as it is stated in the definition that it is not about going to the gym but the truth is that to be fit requires exercise, therefore, going to the gym can really be helpful if you wanted to lead a healthy life. Exercise is among the best ways we can do to avoid different kinds of diseases. Aside from making us feeling refreshed and active after we sweat out, it is also good for the heart. But if you do not have access to the gym as it might be an expensive option for you, you can always do exercises at home or in the office. You can spend even just 10 minutes of your time in a daily basis to commit to doing something like stretching and moving your joints so that you will be able to sweat and work those parts that have not been worked for a long time. Through that, you will be able to lead a healthy life away from the diseases that can be caused by being lazy and not being active.

Fitness relieves mental health problems

In some studies and researches, it is found out that being fit also contributes to mental health and that people who often exercise are less likely to feel depressed. To be fit likewise boosts energy, sleep and the immune system. When you are pushing yourself in the gym for example and you are satisfied with the results of your hardwork and you know that it is for you to be healthy, you feel like you are rewarded and that somehow reduces that stress that you are feeling.

Fitness is good

All in all, fitness means being able to perform the task, feeling healthy, happy, and good!