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Yoga is very much mandatory to focus on both your mental and physical health. 


Meditating on a daily basis is one of the best ways to burn out your stress and depression. 


Practice different yoga postures and gain a lot of flexibility. 

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The Indianised version of the same yoga position calls it the salutation to the Sun. It focuses on the well-being of the whole body.

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Helps you with the flexibility of your muscles and also a simple way to relax and ward off stress. 


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3 Fitness Mistakes that people make

There are a number of mistakes that a lot of people make when they start working out. The problem is that these mistakes are never rectified, and these people end up hurt them a lot due to their workout routine. Here in this article, we have explored some of the grave mistakes that people make.

  1. Credible Sources

Most people get their information either from the internet or from their friends. Both these sources are not credible, and their advice could lead to a lot of issues in the long run. For starters, the internet is filled with fake information that can never be trusted. For example, we can just come up with a random fitness routine and put up on our blog and say that experts have suggested this. Most people would not look to question the validity of our claims and would just go ahead with what they read without verifying the credibility of the source. The second prominent source of misinformation is from their peers. The best example is when people thought the earth was flat and it had to take someone to sail the seas to prove them wrong. On a similar note, unless someone takes a minute to question whether what they are being told is true or not, the same errors will be made. That is not all; more people will be affected by this misinformation as well.


  1. Plan

The second biggest mistake that people make is to have a gung-ho approach to the whole thing. Doing random things during the course of one week and completely shifting to another routine the next week. Or focusing on section alone the whole week and then moving onto something entirely different the next week. That type of strategy can cause more harm than good. We recommend that you get the help of a trainer to plan out your routine and make sure you stick to it to reap the benefits.

  1. Weaknesses

Most people don’t like to fail. And the gym can be quite an intimidating place where you want to look the part. This sort of notion will prevent you from working on your weaknesses. For example, if your stamina isn’t good, you might think using the treadmill will be counterproductive but unless you practice on it, you won’t develop that particular aspect. So understand that it is okay to fail early so that you can succeed in the long run.



Eating healthy is entirely dependent on your fitness goals for yourself and your determination towards achieving them. And because doing this seems to be such a tedious task, in this article we have listed out certain tricks of the trade that can help make it lesser so, and maybe a little cleaner and more enjoyable.

Pizza is the perfect answer to a cheat day, and there is a way you can make even your cheat days a little bit healthier rather binge as much as you can to make up for the days spent eating salads. Pizza has large amounts of cheese or oil often leaking of its edges, making up for a lot of calories. Blotting off the oil from your pizza slice before you eat it will save you over 50 calories and still taste just as good.

It is a known fact that dark meat is softer and moister and contains more calories than light meat. However, Light meat like chicken breast is on the dry side and thus often loaded with condiments that can contribute to much more calories than dry meat does by itself. Thus, it is a better choice to eat dark meat rather than white meat doused in ketchup or mayonnaise.

A few heaping spoons of parmesan thrown over pasta already doused in sauce can easily add up to more than 50-60 calories. Cheese in pasta, despite how delish it tastes, comes at a price and hence, it is healthier to find a substitute. Sprinkle garlic, pepper or oregano over your pasta instead and enjoy a meal that still tastes good and yet saves the calories.

Baking includes a lot of butter, flour and sugar and the cupcake you relish at the end of the process can rack up quite a number of calories. Thus, go for the healthier alternative of switching your butter or oil with nut or seed butter. This change boosts healthy fats, fibre, antioxidants etc. and makes for a treat you can enjoy without guilt.  Avocado too makes for a good replacement for butter without altering the taste at all. Mashed and whisked avocado can also make for a good dressing and replace the use of mayonnaise for your sandwiches and other snacks.

While there’s no such thing as ‘healthy drinking’ you can still up your game with your margaritas and cocktails in a cleaner manner. The sugary mix that you add to your drinks can contribute to quite a number of calories, thus replace it with either coconut water, green tea, lime juice etc. Add to this a few mint or basil leaves and you have yourself a drink that is a little fresher, cleaner and will not contribute to a bad hangover unless you overdo it.


I don’t think I’ve met anyone who didn’t want to stay fit and look great. But not everyone knows how to lose those extra kilos that you gained last time you went home. It is not great both physically and mentally to be over-weight. It affects your mood and productivity more than you would imagine. So here are few tips to help you shed those kilos, make you more fit and thereby more confident.

  1. Have a realistic goal

What most people lack is proper motivation to lose weight. So it important to set a goal that is immediately achievable. If you set to lose 20 kilos in a month, you would never achieve it. Just because you read something somewhere doesn’t make it true. Understand realistic weight goals and ideal weight from an expert. This way you don’t set yourself up for failure before you even begin.

  1. Reduce your portion size

This is the easiest change you can make to your diet. Most people eat way more than they should and gain fat. Try to avoid eating more than required. Ask a nutritionist the amount of food that you need to eat to keep healthy. If you don’t eat more than needed, you don’t need to worry about those pesky fat cells accumulating in your tummy.


  1. Modify your diet by stocking up on healthy food

This goes hand in hand with the last tip to make the double whammy for fat cells. If you cut down on fatty and sugary food and stock up on healthier alternatives, you reduce your chance at many life-threatening diseases like stroke and heart disease. Whenever you are hungry and craving for a snack, instead of that cupcake go for a fruit or veggie. Your body will thank you later.

  1. Walking

Taking a walk every day greatly helps in reducing weight. It helps in burning calories and improves insulin sensitivity. Try to achieve 10,000 steps a day or 45 minutes of walking. Any smartphone nowadays comes built in with the option of keeping track of your steps. Make use of that incorporate it into your routine.

Waiting for the elevator? Take the stairs instead.

Got to go to the local grocery store? Walk or bike there instead of going by car.

  1. Personal Motivation and Family Therapy

As previously mentioned, it all comes down to your personal determination. But it’s not always easy to stay strong. Be prepared with ways to convince yourself to not buy that pizza or not have an extra cheesecake. This can be someone in your family reminding you why you set out to do it in the first place because everyone might lose sight of the goal every now and then. It is a great idea to work out or take a diet with someone as it better helps both of your chances of succeeding.

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